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MacGyver Autobody & Collision is a family-owned and –operated collision repair centre in Richmond Hill. When you first walk in, not only will you be greeted by an extraordinary level of service, but also be accompanied by his 48 years of expertise in servicing vehicles just like yours. We are a full-service auto body repair shop having extensive experience in repairing foreign and domestic vehicles damaged during an accident. Our professionals take great pride in repairing your vehicle back to its original condition.


Our owner, Tony, AKA MacGyver (named after the popular TV show of a guy who can fix anything), a master in automotive body repair and his family will never let a car leave the shop without adding their magical touch to it. Tony in his younger days, worked for car dealerships where bodywork was an in-house job. He quickly earned the reputation of the name MacGyver among his colleagues and management, as he was able to take on 3 repair bays at a time and resolve any problem on the floor during a repair job, from bodywork to mechanics. He was able to repair parts, preserve the original equipment status of the vehicle and restore it to its like-new condition. Tony has been known to work with domestic, import brands, and different types of cars of all ages and sizes.


After opening his shop with the well-earned and deserved MacGyver name in 1988, he spent the last 30 years fixing and restoring cars after collision damage. From classic to domestic and imported cars, to fleets, MacGyver has earned a leading status in the industry, with a lifetime warranty on work coming out of this shop and winning the Consumers Choice Award in 2016 for Toronto East. MacGyver is proud to serve the Greater Toronto Area with a lifetime of experience.


A key part of our service is that we explain the repair process to you. We make sure that your questions are answered and that you understand what we will do differently to ensure an impeccable restoration of your vehicle. We stand by our service, and we guarantee the result every time you visit our shop.


We have gained an excellent reputation in handling claims for all major insurance companies by delivering high quality, detailed, and accurate estimates.  Multiple fleets and dealerships throughout the Greater Toronto Area trust MacGyver with repairing their vehicles. We offer free estimates and a lifetime warranty on all our repairs.  Contact us today for more information or a Free Estimate.

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